Soft_Hotel, Surikova str. 16, Krasnoyarsk, Russia 660049
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Payment Methods Information

Payment for accommodation and extra services of the hotel is accepted in cash and non-cash form.

The payment currency is the currency of Russian Federation. MasterСard International, Visa International, JCB, American Express credit cards are accepted. 
Paying in cash at the reception, you get cashier's check and the invoice.

For corporate clients bank transfer to the account of the organization on the payment details of Soft_Hotel as payment method is possible.Making reservationthis way you have to pay 100% of accommodation.

Reservations with bank transfer payment is possible if there are more than 2 days before the arrival date. This conditionis due tobanks’ time-consuming for transferring funds. Timely reservation cancellations allow refund paid amount.*

In case of non-receipt of amount to the account of Soft_Hotela day before the guests’ arrival, the hotel reserves the right to transfer reservations for cash payment or cancel it.
The e-mail letter confirming your reservation has the bill as an attached file. The bill must be paid within 3 bank working days from the invoice date. After paying the bill, please send a payment order marked by the bank as executed on e-mail:

If you have any questions about your bill, contact the receptionist by phone 228-27-00.

*The refund of the paid amount is possible when the cancellation occurs more than a day before the arrival date. Otherwise, the hotel reserves the right to withhold part of the paid amount equal to the cost of one night stay of the reserved room.